The Reluctant Prophet: A Love Story

TheReluctantProphet-coverBook Two of the Modern Prophet series is The Reluctant Prophet: A Love Story. As in Two Doors, the hero is gaining the ability to foresee the future. Unlike in that book, Zeke Thompson does not find himself caught between the forces of good and evil. The antagonists are normal people, out to control the man who knows what the future holds.

As an adolescent, Zeke filled many notebooks with his visions of the future. Over time, his ability has been improving. Now as a young adult, his accuracy is about to hit 100%. His life is about to become very dangerous when a beautiful young woman appears to help him. Bea Watson claims to be a traveler from the future, here to keep her own future from disappearing as the world descends toward global nuclear war.

Along his journey, Zeke will be kidnapped by drug lords (twice), pursued by North Korean agents and almost killed by another traveler from the future. He will face danger from other governments and our own as he fights the odds. If he fails, the world, and Bea’s future is lost. For those fans of the Dave Brewster sci-fi books, you will find familiar characters throughout this book. Consider it my homage to those guys who filled the five volumes in that series. The Reluctant Prophet: A Love Story was published on November 11, 2014 by Sacred Life Publishers. The paperback is 276 pages long and the ISBN is 0986027081. It is also available in Kindle format on Amazon. Join the Adventure.

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