Two Doors

TwoDoors-ebookcoverTwo Doors is the first book of the Modern Prophet series. It is the story of Peter Smith, a young man who moves to New York City to build a career and life. But he has a small problem that is about to take over his life. Peter Smith has always had lucid dreams, often terrifying ones. Now those dreams are starting to presage actual events. His unique ability captures the attention of two powerful families who seem desperate to control him. The ability to know the future is a valuable commodity after all. Peter’s visions become more stark and violent as terrorists attack here and abroad. Bill Satori and Emmanuel Prospect both promise to protect him and pay him, but their motivations are very different. While the Prospects want to help stop the carnage, Satori is happy just to keep Peter quiet. Events quickly spiral out of control as the true natures of the families become apparent, and Peter must choose which path to take. Each of us is led through events every minute of our lives, and our choices define who we will become. The doors Peter chooses may lead to global nuclear ward and the end of all life on Earth. Let us hope he chooses well. Two Doors is published by Sacred Life Publishers. It is 292 pages long. The ISBN number is  978-0986027079. The e-book version is available on Here is a sample of the first four chapters:  Two Doors Sample


Two Doors (Modern Prophet #1)

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