Ready, Set, Go!

TheReluctantProphet-coverIt’s time! Beginning this Friday, January 1, 2016 you can sign up for a free copy of The Reluctant Prophet: A Love Story on Story Cartel. This story ties my science fiction series to the Modern Prophet series by uniting a new prophet with his soulmate from the future.

Bea Watson is a time-traveler who has come back in time to save her future by making sure Zeke Thompson can fulfill his. Still, Zeke will face more than his share of threats, any of which will doom him and the amazing future of the Dave Brewster series.

Be sure to get your copy, after all, it’s free! I sincerely hope you like the story and will take the opportunity to post your review online and share your thoughts with me personally. Thanks for your support! And follow this link to sign up for your copy.

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