The Accord Book Cover

Accord-ebookcoverNow that The Accord has been released, let me tell you about the cover. The design was created by Ronald Calica, the graphic artist I have used for my last six covers. I hope you agree with me that his talent is amazing. Ron spends most of his time doing artwork for video games. His work on those projects made him a perfect fit for my science fiction and fantasy covers.

The scene depicted here is from the beginning of Chapter 13. Dave Brewster has been captured by The Accord and is being transferred from a starship into the massive constructed planet that houses the brain of the leader of The Accord, Vanda. Dave was savagely beaten by a robot on his last day on the starship, and here is being helped toward his destiny with the machines. Two of Dave’s friends and fellow captives, Zobu Inther and Margas Ongool offer to help him down the ramp and into his new life as a slave. Those men are shorter than Dave (who is average height) because they come from the Nan race, which figures prominently in my works, starting with The Hive. The massive robots are shouting at everyone to hurry up, waving their blasters and razor like claws. The small robot with the glass head (brain in a jar, as Dave refers to him) is Nostu, a new Friend of The Accord, who becomes Dave’s friend and learns to regret his decision to join The Accord. And that’s just the cover!

If you’re interested, please check out more on The Accord here, or look for it at most e-book resellers. The paperback version should be available any day. Thanks for checking this out and Join the Adventure!

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