The Hive

HIVE-ebookcover (2)Book Three of the Dave Brewster Series explores the incredible power of The Hive technology first explored in The Second Predaxian War. It was selected as an Honorable Mention at the 2013 Southern California Book Festival.

Dave Brewster is taken to the deepest levels of The Hive on Tak-Makla and makes a discovery that will forever change our understanding of mankind’s place in the universe. While the ten billion tekkans within The Hive are small, spider-like creatures, one of the Chief Engineers is a beautiful young woman. Loni Arrak takes Dave on an adventure to understand how we came to Earth. That leads to the Society of Humanity, with fifty thousand planets in the Andromeda Galaxy and beyond. Hoping to gain new technology and support against the many militaristic civilizations in our own galaxy, Dave and his friends travel to the Andromeda Galaxy to meet with the High Council of the Society.

All is not well in the Society however. Billions of years of central rule have led mankind to break into many new races, and that has led to inequality and discrimination on a planetary scale. Dave’s guides on this journey are Lords Wendo Balak and Antar Arrak, who used their terms on the High Council to attempt to change things, but failed completely. Now, to get Dave’s help and at least start a new type of Society in the Milky Way Galaxy, they lead Dave to the dirty underbelly of the Society. What he finds on the three planets of the Lagamar system will enrage and disgust you, as man’s inhumanity to man is laid bare.

The Hive is a story of failure and redemption. Dave and his friends will learn that society is too big for one man to affect. All we can do is to love and care for our families and friends.

This award-winning 414 page science fiction novel was published by Sacred Life Publishers on March 11, 2013. It is available in paperback and multiple e-book formats at major book sellers. The ISBN is 978-0986027024.

Link to sample chapter: HiveChapter

Link to book trailer: The Hive Trailer

The Hive (Dave Brewster, #3)


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