The Accord

Accord-ebookcoverThe Accord is book 5 of the Dave Brewster Series of science fiction novels. In book 4, Tears of Gallia, our friends first encountered The Accord, a civilization of cyborgs that originated in the Small Magellanic Cloud. While the collapse of the Donnaki Empire should have brought peace to our galaxy for a thousand years, Dave Brewster is obsessed with the encounter with Zeet. Each Friend of The Accord is able to operate many thousands of robots, each with a tiny piece of brain tissue inside, creating a Hive mind. Recognizing the threat they could be to the Free Society, Dave leads a team to an odd planet in the Cloud, looking for information and any clues how to stop the machines.

Almost immediately, Dave and Lini are captured and locked up by the local soldiers, who surprise them while they were encamped far from the nearest city. Too late they learn the secret to the Elder Council, who are actually controlled by The Accord. Lini disappears just before she is to be executed, and Dave is thrown on board a death ship, used by The Accord to gather more slaves. Soon he finds himself on board a massive constructed planetoid housing millions of cyborgs and billions of humans who serve as labor and food.

The Accord is headed toward our galaxy to recruit more Friends willing to have their brains removed and implanted in robotic bodies. Everyone else will become their slaves until their usefulness is over, when they will be consumed to feed the brains of the cyborgs. While the star fleet builds its defenses, Dave must try to slow down or stop The Accord from within. Meanwhile, Lini finds herself on an abandoned planet, home to a single old man who knows much about The Accord. How did he rescue her from her firing squad, and how can he help Dave escape before his own trip to the liquefiers?

The Accord is an epic story of a threat of incredible evil, terrible punishment and fear, while also offering new hope, a new love, and the discovery of the most powerful force in the Universe. The Accord is published by Sacred Life Publishers and is available in paperback an e-book formats from online booksellers.  It is 331 pages long and the ISBN (paperback) is 978-0-9860270-6-2. Join the Adventure!

Link to sample chapters: The_Accord_sample

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