Tears of Gallia is Published!

Tears-ebookcover (2)Book 4 of the Dave Brewster Series has been published and is ready for sale.

Tears of Gallia is a very complex novel featuring the risks of time travel and the persistence of the enemies Dave Brewster has faced in the earlier novels. It peers into the soul of his best friend, General Fa-a-Di of Greater Gallia. The back cover reads:

Following his success at the Grand Conclave on Earth Prime, Dave Brewster and his friends set out to expand the Free Society. However, all is not well in the galaxy. A Maklakar battle station is headed toward Earth. Mysterious ripples in space-time are confounding the Temporal Command. Agents from Predax and the Brotherhood are recruiting other planets to join their crusade against the Free Society.

Setting aside those challenges to help his Gallicean friends, Dave follows them on the Sojourn, an ancient ritual to remember the atrocities of the past. On the two planets in the Gallicea system, Dave learns of the past but also discovers the truth is often visible only to those willing to see.

Tears of Gallia is a story of friendship, faith, and perseverance. Will Dave be able to stop the Brotherhood from starting a galactic war? Can he survive a madman’s attempts to kill him or strand him in the ancient past?

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