Tears of Gallia

Tears-ebookcover (2)Book four of the Dave Brewster series is my first attempt to look at the results of traveling to the past to change time.

Having established the Free Society of the Milky Way Galaxy, Dave is given a new title and must now lead all the members of the Society in finding new planets and allies to thwart new enemies from the other side of the galactic center. However, his best friend, General Fa-a-Di of Greater Gallia is not himself. The events on the Lagamar system had soured him to the future. If fifty thousand human planets can become self-centered and power hungry, what can save the Galliceans from the same threat? Perhaps everything he and his people have done will ultimately fail.

His melancholy is exacerbated by the Sojourn, an ancient ritual all Galliceans must follow to remind them of their militaristic and evil pasts. Dave joins his friends as they travel to the planets of the Gallicean system where they learn not only of the past, but also how the truth is often visible only to those willing to see.

Things are not well in the galaxy though. The Maklakar have launched a massive battle station toward Earth. The Donnaki and Paxran empires are looking for weaknesses to exploit in order to steal Hive technology. As well, the Brotherhood is out for revenge after their defeat at the Grand Conclave on Earth Prime. How will Dave survive their Supreme Leader’s attempts to strand him in the ancient past or kill him outright?

Tears of Gallia examines the risks of changing the past and how the universe might stop that from happening. It also demonstrates how far we can all go to help our friends in their time of need. This 452 page science fiction novel was published by Sacred Life Publishers on March 11, 2013. It is available in paperback or multiple e-book formats from major book sellers. ISBN is 978-0986027048. I hope you enjoy it. Link to sample chapter: TearsChapter40

Link to Book Trailer: Tears of Gallia Trailer

Tears of Gallia (Dave Brewster, #4)

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