What a year it has been!

It looks like The Time Walker will be the last of my books to be published this year. But that’s okay! I have already finished the drafts of two more that will come out early in 2014, and a lot more ideas up my sleeve. These books were released this year:

The Dave Brewster Series

  • Second Predaxian War (book 2)
  • The Hive (book 3)
  • Tears of Gallia (book 4)

Heartstone Series

  • Sentinels of Far Sun (book 1)
  • The Time Walker (book 2)

For 2014, The Accord, book 5 of The Dave Brewster Series, will be out early. As I noted in an earlier post, I’ve taken all of craziness of NSA spying scandal and the takeover of the economy to the extreme, as the leaders of a Nan planet make themselves immortal by putting their brains inside machines. Over time, they become more machine than man and turn on the people they had sworn to protect. Now, they are planning to invade and enslave our galaxy. It will be up to Dave Brewster to stop them.

Shortly thereafter, my newest book, The Two Doors, will be released. This book will either be the start of a new series, or may stand on it’s own. It is very different from my earlier works. It is the story of a young man who graduates from college and moves to NYC to find his fortune. Peter Smith has a little problem though. He has terrible nightmares that have started to come true. The story moves very fast as the world begins to spin toward total destruction, and Pete is caught between two powerful families that seem to have unworldly powers. I’ll write more about it soon.

Finally, I would like to say how happy I am that The Hive received an Honorable Mention (tied for 3rd place) in the General Fiction category at the Southern California Book Festival. To celebrate, I’m giving away another ten copies on Goodreads.com. Go there and look for the contest and sign up. Also, all four books of The Dave Brewster Series will be test marketed at Barnes and Noble stores around the country. Thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure. Below is the link to the Goodreads.com giveaway.


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