Two Doors has arrived

Two Doors has arrived! Book One of the MTwoDoors-ebookcoverodern Prophet series releases in paperback and e-book this week! This new series is a big change for me. While these books retain some elements of fantasy or science fiction, they are suspense novels that move very fast. Two Doors tells the story of Peter Smith, a young man just out of college who moves to New York City to build his future. Almost immediately, he becomes embroiled in the ultimate battle between good and evil, even though he does not know it yet.

Pete has always had lucid dreams that are often frightening, and until now he was able to let them pass into memory quickly. Now, his dreams begin to foretell future events, capturing the attention of two powerful families. Bill Satori and Emmanuel Prospect offer him all he could ever wish for, if he will share his dreams with them. As his visions become more dark and terrifying, he must choose between the two families or forget his dream and hide from them both. Soon, it becomes clear hiding is not an option as the world is torn by terror and chaos. Can Peter fulfill his destiny and stop the madness, or is this the end of the world?

Two Doors is published by Sacred Life Publishers. The e-book is currently available only on Kindle. I will be doing a giveaway on Amazon soon, so if you register on this site, I’ll send you an e-mail when you can download it for free.

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