The Second Predaxian War

SPW-ebookcover (2)Book two of the Dave Brewster Series picks up at the end of Showdown Over Neptune. The initial invasion of Greater Gallia was pushed back, although with the loss of several starships and many lives.

The story focuses on three main plot-lines. A group of prisoners-of-war are trapped deep inside a dead planet by Emperor Nokalez Zendo (book cover). They are there with his son who attempted to dissuade his father from using mind control to dominate other planets.

Dave Brewster is an explorer, not a soldier, and so his group is sent to continue their expansion of mankind and hopefully to find new allies who will help stop the Predaxian Alliance from conquering more planets and enslaving more Beings. They begin a journey that will lead them to another maklan species that has the most powerful device in the known universe. It is up to Dave to convince the peace-loving tekkans to join the defenders of Greater Gallia.

Nokalez Zendo rules that Alliance with millions of mind control agents spread throughout their sphere of influence. However, the ordinary citizens are tired of war and the cruelty of the Empire. As his people and military begin to turn against him, he must gather all of his loyal warriors and wage a final war to reestablish their dominance or fade into history.

The Second Predaxian War is about the primal battle between good and evil. It contrasts how different people (or maklans in this case) can evolve to have completely different views of right and wrong. By giving other planets and Beings superior technology and power, it reminds us that our precious planet is just one rock in space. It is also about love and how a man will do everything he can to protect his friends and family. I hope you will enjoy it and will join the adventure.

This 286 page science fiction novel was published on February 21, 2013 by Sacred Life Publishers. ISBN is 978-0986027017. It is available in both paperback and multiple e-book formats at major book sellers. Link to sample chapter: SPWChapter

The Second Predaxian War (Dave Brewster, #2)

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