The Accord Has Arrived

Accord-ebookcoverBook Five of The Dave Brewster Series is coming to a bookseller near you. Instead of an economical and reliable compact car, The Accord is a society of cyborgs bent on galactic domination. Deep in the Small Magellanic Cloud, the people of Skee Lotho lived in terror that their former overlords from the Society of Humanity would find them and force them back into slavery.

To provide security, they construct a satellite controlled by the disembodied brain of the aged planetary leader, Eon. Fast forward a few hundred million years, and the machines have taken over dozens of planets. The leaders of The Accord inhabit massive constructed planets housing their huge brains, along with millions of lesser cyborgs and billions of humans who are both slaves and feedstock. Now The Accord has a new problem: The Clouds are running out of metal to construct more robots. They must move to our galaxy to continue to grow and add new members.

Our defenses are too weak to stop the machines, so Dave Brewster leads a team into the Clouds to find weaknesses and perhaps convince The Accord to stop their diabolical plan. There, he faces the inhuman cruelty of the machines, but there is something else. A strange force begins to help him. Perhaps there is hope for our galaxy, but Dave Brewster and Dar Lini will face injury and death at every turn. The Accord is coming, a massive battle rages, what will happen next? Join the Adventure!


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