Showdown Over Neptune

ShowDown CoverShowdown Over Neptune is the first book in the Dave Brewster Series. It sets the stage for the remainder of the series.

My concept was to start with myself, an out-of-work accountant in San Diego who is suffering through the terrible recession of 2008 through ‘who knows when’. His life changes when he walks into his neighborhood coffee shop in front of Charlie Watson. As time progresses, Dave Brewster learns that Charlie is not some ordinary guy, but he was recruited to travel to the future to help mankind expand beyond Earth. His primary goal on this mission is to recruit Dave to join him as the Temporal Command had determined that Dave is destined to lead that exploration and expansion.

Dave travels to the future and is immediately challenged to work with the Galliceans, a race of giant bird-like creatures who exist on gas giant planets (see the cover). Together with his new friends, Dave begins his voyage to reclaim Earth colonies that have been abandoned. But problems on the gas giants in our solar system may lead to all-out war. Somehow Dave must find the key to end that war and an invasion. I hope that you will find my works will be positive and uplifting, while at the same time examining the problems we find in our own lives. No matter what Beings we may encounter in the greatness of space, none of us are immune to our baser instincts. Come along and Join The Adventure with me.

This 204 page science fiction novel was published by Sacred Life Publishers on November 30, 2012. ISBN is 978-0986027000. It is available in paperback and multiple e-book formats at major book sellers. Link to sample chapter: SONChapter

Link to book trailer: Showdown Over Neptune Trailer

Showdown Over Neptune (Dave Brewster, #1)

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