Sentinels of Far Sun

Heartstone-ebookcover (2)Sentinels of Far Sun begins the journey of Bill Marshall, a sheep rancher in San Diego County whose life changes forever when a major earthquake strikes near his home. Somehow, only limited damage is caused by the quake. Almost immediately, strange creatures arrive with the singular mission to kill Bill and his family.

As Bill is facing death in the living room of his sister’s home, Lance Allright, a Sentinel of Far Sun arrives and saves the day. Now Bill must follow Lance through the broken Heartstone to find out why all of this is happening and stop the invasions. What they learn when they step onto the planet Goola is more than they could have imagined. A race of black mages is planning to take over Earth and enslave the population. Bill, Lance and Sentinel August Reason must enlist help in their battle, which leads them back to Earth to face the mage army.

Fantasy is a new genre of me. Being able to let go of scientific knowledge and reach out to a universe where anything is possible has opened my eyes. Be prepared for incredible challenges and impossible odds. In the end, can our goodness conquer unspeakable evil? That is what the Heartstone series will examine, and I hope you will follow along and join the adventure.

This 336 page fantasy novel was published April 10, 2013 by Sacred Life Publishers. ISBN is 978-0986027031. It is available in both paperback and multiple e-book formats from online retailers and can be ordered at most bookstores.

Link to sample chapter: HeartstoneChapter

Link to book trailer: Sentinels Trailer

Heartstone: Sentinels of Far Sun

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