My first book was Remembrances: Choose to Be Happy and Embrace the Possibilities. The first draft was written more than twenty years ago. Back then, I had no luck finding a publisher interested in the story. When a friend reminded me about it recently, I found the original draft and rewrote it to better reflect my current thinking.

One important message in Remembrances is that we each choose our lives and the people who surround us. Since we made the choices that make our lives as they are, we can also change those choices to make us happier.

The greater message is that none of us are ever alone. We are all connected to each other on a spiritual level that is deeper and more real than the physical existence we see around us. The abundance of this world is available to us when we believe we deserve it.

Our lives are a gift of incomparable value. We are free to choose the experience we desire. When we feel depressed or dissatisfied with life, we need to remember our spiritual connection, accept our responsibility for our situation, and give ourselves permission to accept love and abundance into our lives. When we do, we realize that this universe is a much more magical and mysterious place than we could have ever imagined.

Rememberances: Choose to Be Happy and Embrace the Possibilities

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