Racheting up the blogosphere

I have decided to write blog postings on the news as well as information on my books. You will note that the site has been reconfigured to work better for this expanded narrative. Please add your comments to anything I post. Although it might not seem so, current events do drive the narratives of my works. You might think that sounds counterintuitive for science fiction and fantasy, but frankly, much of what’s going on in the world seems out of this world too.

Your input will help me put together new stories. I only have one brain, and I need lots of feedback on how I’m doing. I plan to post chapters of my upcoming works as well. Your thoughtful feedback is always welcome. Right now, I’m working on book three of my Modern Prophet series, which you’ve never heard of. Well, the first two books are written, but not published yet. The Two Doors is awaiting cover art, and Prophecy is being edited. There is also a fifth book in the Dave Brewster series (The Accord) which will be published next. My cover artist has been going through some issues, but is now colorizing it now.

But enough about books for right now. My first non-book blog entry will be on quantitative easing, the US government’s printing of $85 billion in new currency each month. This is a disaster in the making, but I won’t pollute this entry with that. I look forward to your feedback.

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