New Dave Brewster Novel

Hooray! I just finished the rough draft of book 5 in the Dave Brewster Series of Sci-fi novels. The working title is The Accord, which relates to a villain encountered in the previous book (Tears of Gallia), and not a very reliable Japanese import car.

The Accord examines how our fears can cause us to do terrible things. In order to protect themselves from a perceived threat, the people of Skee Lotho create a race of machines powered by human brains. The separation of man from his senses will eventually change his perception of others and the universe at large, in this case leading to incredible evil.

Of course, the counter-plot is the story of how Dave Brewster and his friends develop their plans to stop The Accord before all of our galaxy is taken over and our worlds and bodies are reduced to simple sources of metal and protein.

The manuscript is now out for editing and review. I need to come up with a cover design and work with my artist on that. So, it will be several weeks before the new adventure is available. I hope you’ll stick around to learn more and check it out. Join the Adventure!


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