My thanks for downloading The Hive

I want to thank everyone who downloaded my award-winning novel, The Hive, from Story Cartel. I hope you enjoy it and will write an honest and thoughtful review. To the winners of the prizes, Story Cartel will give me your names later this week.

The Hive is book 3 of the Dave Brewster series of science fiction novels. During this epic story, Dave Brewster finds that humanity did not originate on this planet at all. His journey of discovery leads him to another galaxy where he finds that even though mankind can conquer the stars, innately, we are still weak, and easily overcome by our basest instincts. It is a tale of tyranny, indentured servitude and man’s inhumanity to his brothers. Still, people who are dedicated to righting the wrongs of the universe can succeed if they refuse to give up.

Please also check out Story Cartel. They have free books available all the time in all different genres. The authors who put their books on that site are looking for honest reviews to help them further their writing careers. Here is the link to that site.



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