Hand of God

HAND-OF-GODHand of God is the third book in the Modern Prophet series and will be released for Kindle on March 17, 2015. The paperback version will release shortly thereafter.

Josh Carpenter is a NEM (Not Enhanced or Modified person) living two hundred years from now in the Enlightened City of San Diego. The world has changed since 2015. All the countries on Earth have consolidated through war or treaty until only eight are left. For half the world, DNA enhancement and the replacement of body parts with bionic versions are ubiquitous. Language and racial differences have lessened, and yet humanity’s thirst for power and dominance has only increased.

As wars and terrorism start to spread across the globe, Josh discovers he is acquiring very unusual abilities. As his abilities grow, so does the interest of others in controlling or stopping the miracle worker. Soon he is caught between supernatural forces who want to insure that he fulfills his destiny to save or destroy the world. All life on Earth and the fate of the entire universe may depend on the choices Josh Carpenter makes. Let us all hope he chooses well.

Hand of God is available in e-book and paperback at most online booksellers. You can check it out and order by following this link. The paperback version is 304 pages long. The ISBN is 978-1508836544. Join the adventure!

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