Hand of God Release

HAND-OF-GODHand of God, book three of the Modern Prophet series will be released for Kindle on March 17, 2015. Follow this link to take a look and preorder.

In this adventure, Josh Carpenter lives in the not too distant future in the megalopolis of San Diego. Josh is a NEM (Not Enhanced or Modified person) living in a region where DNA enhancement and replacing body parts with bionic versions is the norm. But there is something different about this NEM.

Josh begins to exhibit unique talents that quickly draw the attention of both those wishing to help him and those who would prefer him to be dead. As wars break out and terrorist attacks spread around the globe, Josh finds himself caught between the forces of good and evil, but which is which? The future of life on Earth and possibly the universe itself will rely on the choices this young man makes. Will humanity survive? I guess that is up to Josh.

The paperback version of Hand of God will release shortly after the e-book version. Also check out all my works on my Amazon author page. Join the Adventure!


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