Get Your Copy of Two Doors Free

TwoDoors-ebookcoverThe e-book version of Two Doors, book one of the Modern Prophet series will be available FREE on beginning this Thursday, December 4, through Sunday, December 7.

I’m very proud of the new series, which follows men who find they have incredible talents within them, and are then forced to deal with many different life-and-death challenges. The stories revolve around the never-ending struggle between good and evil, and how our lives are determined by our choices. Our heroes are forced to deal with others who have chosen poorly, putting their lives and the fate of all life on Earth at risk. The question is how will they choose when faced with evil themselves? The stories in the series are all very fast-paced and the bulk of the plot occurs over a few days or weeks.

Check out the free copy, and tell your friends to get theirs. As an indie author, reviews are the most precious gift, and I appreciate each tremendously. You can post your review on or Feel free to connect with me on my site: or on other social media sites to continue the conversation. You can find all my links in the book, or just ask. #RRBC

Click here to go to the Amazon book page and check it out. Join the adventure!

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