Get Ready for the Modern Prophet Series

I am thrilled to announce that the first book of the Modern Prophet series is about to be published. Two Doors will be available in paperback and e-book versions. First, a bit about the series:

These novels tell the tales of young men who discover they have very unique abilities. Their talents bring the unwanted attention of others wishing to control them, and failing that, kill them. The stories are very fast paced and the action builds as more and greater hazards befall our hero. They will encounter friends to help them as well as foes trying to stop them. The plots are generally set in our time with current events as a backdrop, although as things devolve, the actions begin to stray into fantasy.

Two Doors is the story of Peter Smith, a recent college graduate who moves from Iowa to New York to build a life and find his fortune. All his life, Peter has suffered with terrifyingly lucid dreams. Now, some of those dreams are starting to come true. As his talent grows, he gains the attention of two powerful families, each trying to control his gift. Emmanuel Prospect and William Satori each offer him incredible wealth and safety if Peter chooses them, but it is all too good to be true. Why are they so interested in him and his dreams? But all is not as it seems.

The struggle to control Peter leads him down a horrific path from terrorist attacks and murder to global war and anarchy. Events move from more mundane events like car accidents and muggings toward almost supernatural battles that could lead to the destruction of Earth. Peter must choose which door to open, all the while uncertain what will happen if he chooses poorly.

I have added some of my favorite things into the story, and many of the places I have lived and visited. I hope those add some depth and warmth to the tale. Keep an eye out for the cover reveal in the coming days, and please Join the Adventure!

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