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I have spent my whole life inspired by words on paper and the magic of movies.  I wrote poetry in my tortured high school days, but that was long ago.

This has been one heck of an adventure for the last few years. I have now published fifteen books, and am always working on more. As well, my stories have been published in two anthologies.

Throughout my stories, I keep my heroes heroic and my villains evil. I hope to make readers happy by letting the good guys come out on top, even though they may face the most horrible circumstances along the way. Using the science fiction and fantasy genres really sets my mind free to create unbelievable situations, life-forms, and new science. Along the way, I try to remind readers of two of my favorite thoughts, which are: while there is life, there is hope; and the universe is a much more magical and mysterious place that we can imagine.

I hope you can join me on this adventure.

If you want to hear me opine on my writing and my style, I am including a link here to a #RRBC Rave Waves Blog Talk Radio bit a did a while back. Click here.

And please connect with me on Goodreads, Facebook, Author’s Den, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also sign up for e-mail from me on this website. If you do, I’ll let you know when new books are coming and you will also get advanced noticed on giveaways or discounts.

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  2. Orlance Shirley

    Hi Karl i was wondering if you were the one with the ancestry.com profile called karljmorgan if so please email me. im trying to find out more about William Henry “Green” Proctor. I’m his great great great grandson.


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