A Taste of The Accord

The Accord_Sketch3The Accord is almost here! Book Five of the Dave Brewster Series follows our hero as he investigates a society of cyborgs in the Magellanic Clouds. He discovers a race of humans who hid here to avoid indentured servitude in the Society of Humanity. They lived in such abject terror that they developed the ultimate defense mechanism. They built robots that were controlled by disembodied human brains. Over time, those robots began to see themselves as the masters of people, rather than their protectors. Ultimately, the leaders in The Accord moved their brains into massive planetoids which hosted millions of robots and billions of humans. In the beginning, the planetoids were to provide security to the people. As time passed, the robots became more machine than man, relegating their human cargo to menial labor, and ultimately viewed them as a source of protein for their brains.

But now the Clouds are almost out of metal, which is critical to building more and larger robots, and so The Accord is coming to the Milky Way to expand. Somehow, Dave and his friends must find a way to stop them, but the odds are not good. The power and determination of the machines far outstrips our ability to stop them. Follow the link below to read the first two chapters of this new book. Join the Adventure!

The Accord Sample


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