Demonic-1800x2700Demonic , book 4 of the Modern Prophet Series tells the story of Bill Watson and Mary Stewart, siblings who had never met. Terrorists cross the border, bent on the destruction of the United States. A nuclear threat forces them to flee San Diego in the middle of the night, shortly before the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11.

As they head toward Montana to reunite with Bill’s family, they find themselves facing terrorists who seem to be after them specifically. They meet their biological father and grandfather, and learn their normal lives were never meant to be normal. Beings from an alternate reality have come to Earth to enslave humanity while killing every Bill Watson and Mary Stewart on the planet.

Bill’s family is kidnapped, so he and Mary must go to that other universe to rescue them, find out why all of this is happening, and hopefully, stop the madness. This is a very violent story that will force you to see existence through a different lens. If Bill and Mary fail, we are all lost.

Demonic was published as an e-book and paperback on January 12, 2016. You can find at most online book resellers. The paperback version is 354 pages long. Let your rage run free!

To get a feel for this unique story, you can preview it with the link below: