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A Few Words About the Revolution Series

My latest series is called the Revolution series, and it is my first venture into the Dystopian or Post-Apocalyptic genre. As far as I know today, there will be four books, two of which have been published, one is ready for publication, and the final book is still undergoing a final reread before editing, and cover design.  The original concept came from the last book I wrote before starting this journey, The Old House: An Everlasting Love Story.

The Old House is an interesting tale of soulmates who meet again in one life after the next, and more crucially how they met in their current life-times. The house plays a critical role throughout. The house have followed them too, with quite dramatic changes over the millennia to be sure. As Simon Carter opens each door, he finds passages to different time. In one, he discovers the horribly messed-up world of 2121. It is that world I try to recreate in the new books. A future Simon Carter also plays a role, although he is not a central character.

These books tell the story of Jack Kennedy, a boy born in 2107. In his world, America is in shambles. Long before he was born, the national debt became unsustainable, causing the currency and economy to collapse. Since the USA is such a large part of the global economy, the world economy collapsed as well. Now, the political and economic elites live in luxury in their domed city-centers, while everyone else lives in squalor. The domes are surrounded by weathered tenements where the workers eek out an existence. Further out, the poor live in miserable slums. The cities are walled to offer some protection, while the countryside is overrun by gangs and terrorists.

To be honest, there is some of my political view embedded in the story, but not much. Like many of my tales, the story is about fighting against seemingly impossible odds to survive and save the once great nation. Unfortunately for everyone else, the future depends on what Jack and his friends do.

Please check them out. Reviews are highly prized by me and other Indie authors. If you do read one or more, please do let me know what you thought.

And be on the lookout soon for 2123: Dawn’s Early Light. A few months from now, the finale, 2125: Home of the Brave will close it out. Thanks for your interest.

Karl (proud member of #RaveReviewsBookClub)