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Free Kindle Version of Tears of Gallia!

Tears-ebookcover (2)To help me celebrate the completion of the manuscript of The Accord, you can get a free Kindle version of Tears of Gallia this weekend! Just order it on Friday, July 26 through Sunday, July 28, and it won’t cost you a thing!

Tears of Gallia is an epic adventure, leading Dave from Gallia to beyond the edge of the galaxy. He will face death yet again, and be stranded on a mythical planet in the ancient past.

Tears of Gallia is about hatred and revenge, time travel, and most of all, love and brotherhood. Be prepared to visit incredible planets and experience the history of Greater Gallia. It also introduces The Accord, a race of machines bent on enslaving all of the universe. After you read it, please let me know what you think, and please write a review on this site, Amazon or


New Dave Brewster Novel

Hooray! I just finished the rough draft of book 5 in the Dave Brewster Series of Sci-fi novels. The working title is The Accord, which relates to a villain encountered in the previous book (Tears of Gallia), and not a very reliable Japanese import car.

The Accord examines how our fears can cause us to do terrible things. In order to protect themselves from a perceived threat, the people of Skee Lotho create a race of machines powered by human brains. The separation of man from his senses will eventually change his perception of others and the universe at large, in this case leading to incredible evil.

Of course, the counter-plot is the story of how Dave Brewster and his friends develop their plans to stop The Accord before all of our galaxy is taken over and our worlds and bodies are reduced to simple sources of metal and protein.

The manuscript is now out for editing and review. I need to come up with a cover design and work with my artist on that. So, it will be several weeks before the new adventure is available. I hope you’ll stick around to learn more and check it out. Join the Adventure!


Osphalon the Demon

OsphalonAllow me to introduce you to Osphalon Balakak, the worst of the villains in my new book, Heartstone: The Time Walker. He looks like a real sweetheart, I know. Who would think this guy is bad? And before you ask, no, I was not the model for his face.

In Tears of Gallia and Time Walker, I wanted to explore the dangers of time travel into the past. In Tears, other mysterious forces acted to stop changes to the past and preserve the reality that existed before the change. In Time Walker, no such entities exist, and fixing the changing course of time becomes the job of those few who can recall reality before the change due to their extreme experiences at that time. It is up to those few who do remember to try to stop the evil doers from achieving their sadistic goals. Our hero, Bill Marshall, is not so lucky. He must face the new realities and try to save his family at every turn, until fate and his friends can turn the tide against Keedu and Osphalon.

As soon as the cover is complete, I’ll post this entire image. I hope you will enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for your readership.

July Microstory

Dear Friends,

I have submitted my latest microstory for the Science Fiction Readers, Writers, Collectors, and Artists group on LinkedIn. You should really check that group out and sign up if you’re interested in the genre. It’s worth it for the opportunity to read all the microstory submissions alone!

For July, the guideline was to focus on something that in the news right now. We also needed to mention summer and mosquitoes. As always, the story has to be 4,000 characters or less, which is LinkedIn’s maximum for a single posting. I’ve been reading the other stories almost every day, and it’s amazing how good they are. I am fascinated by the breadth of styles and the imagination of these authors.

My story focused on the NSA leak and micro-drones, plus I couldn’t help but put myself into it. It is attached to this post, and I hope you take the opportunity to read it and share your thoughts with me.

Here it is:  SaturnProtocol