Monthly Archives: January 2013

My Graphic Artists

As we all know, a book cover is the first thing that a potential reader sees when browsing for new things to read. I have been very blessed to work with two exceptional artists. I think it’s about time I sang their praises and let my friends know more about them.

Miko of Drawing a Crowd designed the covers for Remembrances and Showdown Over Neptune. She has always been very professional and I hope you agree with me that those covers were amazing. Please check out her work at

Since she has been so busy, she had found a new artist to help with the next series of covers. His name is Ron and his website is He has almost completed the cover for The Second Predaxian War and I have to tell you that it is unbelievable. I hope to be able to show a picture of that very soon. He is also on board for the next iteration of the Dave Brewster Series, entitled The Hive.

I have asked both of them to comment on this post if they like with more information about their work, and I hope they think our covers are good enough for their websites. Please take a look at what they do and tell everyone where they can find some great artists for whatever work they need.

Free Kindle Versions Next Weekend

Both my published books will be available as free Kindle downloads next weekend (Jan 19 and 20). Please check them out and download. The first ten people who write an honest review on (and want it) can get a free paperback copy of my next sci-fi book (The Second Predaxian War) for a limited time when it arrives. Send an e-mail to me at to let me know what you thought.

Please join me on this adventure. I’ve written a new book that is more of a fantasy than a sci-fi novel. It will start a new series that I hope will amaze you. Thanks for following me on this new stage of my life.