Time Walker

TimeWalker-ebookcoverBook 2 of the Heartstone series is The Time Walker. At the end of Sentinels of Far Sun, Keedu and the rest of the black mages were defeated and forced to flee to save their lives. Keedu is not willing to accept the loss and cede power to the Candu Mali Siwa. On a remote planet at the edge of the galaxy, he is found by Osphalon Balakak, who was born millions of years ago on the mage home planet. Unfortunately, Osphalon was born with a unique birth defect. He cannot get nourishment from food. He can survive only by pulling the life-force from other sentient Beings. The defect also gives him the ability to step forward or backward in time to avoid capture.

In order to reclaim their dominance in the galaxy, the mages hatch plans to go back in time and stop Bill Marshall from gaining the power of the Stones. This book is about the extremes people will go to in order to get revenge and satisfy their egos. While the current belief is that time travel to the past is impossible, Time Walker examines what could happen in such a case. Would a man sacrifice the world to appease his sense of right and wrong? Could a person put their gratification above everything else, no matter what the cost?

This fantasy novel was published September 23, 2013 by Sacred Life Publishers. It is 350 pages long. ISBN is 978-0986027055. It is available in both paperback and multiple e-book formats from online retailers and can be ordered at most bookstores. Link to sample chapter: TimeWalkerChptr

Link to book trailer: Time Walker Trailer

The Time Walker (Heartstone, #2)

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