Time Travel into the Past

My next books deal with traveling backward in time. In both, the antagonist is desperate for revenge against our heroes who stopped them from fulfilling their evil schemes.

Book 4 of the Dave Brewster Series is called Tears of Gallia. The villain travels to the future to strand Dave on a remote planet in the distant past. But that is just the backup plan. Then he travels into the past to kill Dave when he was an out-of-work accountant, long before he ventured into the stars.

Book 2 of the Heartstone Series is called The Time Walker (a little obvious I admit). In this book, the bad guys are willing to change the history of the world to make sure Bill Marshall cannot complete the journey that defeated them in Book 1, Sentinels of Far Sun.

I am keenly interested in cosmology and quantum mechanics. It seems every time we learn a steadfast rule, someone proves it wrong. Can we travel to the past, or do the laws of Nature or God keep that from happening? Just today, I learned of 2 new studies that question whether the speed of light is really constant. I can’t imagine how much our view of reality will change if light turns out to have an accelerator and brake pedal.

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