The State of America in 2121

Okay, I admit it: I am a conservative. I am also extremely concerned about the rapid expansion of the Federal government. Under the guise of helping the folks, our representatives have created a political class that they view as above the normal folks like you and me. The Founders envisioned normal citizens taking time out of their lives to go to Washington and help set the course for the nation. After a term or two, they would return to their normal lives, grateful for the opportunity to serve. Let’s face it: that ended long ago.

Regardless of our political affiliations, I think we can all see that the train has come off the rails. We are at the point where the two sides do nothing, and cover their laziness with bickering and posturing about their superiority to their opponent and US!

In this book, I look one hundred years into the future, after too many failed administrations have drained all the money from our pockets to line theirs. They have imposed their made-up rules on us, denying the very benefits they had promised us. Ultimately, we are left to live lives of abject poverty and despair while they live in their domed city centers, keeping all the good things in life for themselves.

But while the situation is terrifying and bleak, that story is not about that. 2121: Twilight’s Last Gleaming (book 1 of the Revolution series) is about the innate goodness and strength of the American people. It is the story of Jack Kennedy, a fourteen-year-old boy living in a farming co-op in what used to be Iowa. He and his friends and family are about to discover how corrupt their government is and just how horrible life can be for regular people. But Jack will not give up, ever. With his girlfriend Alexis Johnson, and his best friends Tom Wainwright and Abe Gregory, they are going to take their country back.

It is an uplifting tale buried in the misery of the common citizens of that year. They will face terrorists, violent gangs, and ultimately the cannibals as they seek to escape the madness and find a safe place to begin anew. I am almost finished with book two, 2122: The Perilous Fight. That will be followed by book three, 2123: Dawn’s Early Light. Come along on the adventure with me. Crazy stuff is going to happen! #RRBC rules!

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