The Second Predaxian War

The sequel to Showdown Over Neptune is now in print. The Predaxian Emperor, Nokalez Zendo is featured on the cover. Isn’t he pretty?

SPW-ebookcover (2)Follow the adventures of Dave Brewster and his friends in the sequel to Showdown Over Neptune. The Predaxian Alliance, led by Emperor Zendo, has invaded Greater Gallia in their drive to enslave the galaxy. The first invasion attempt was pushed back, but not before too many brave soldiers were killed or taken prisoner. Now the Predaxians are coming back with their entire fleet, heavily outgunning the forces of Gallia, Kalidus and Earth.

The Second Predaxian War begins at a time of apparent turmoil within the Alliance, as a rising tide of dissent is turning public opinion against the Emperor, who has imprisoned his own son for opposing his imperialistic ways. Can those Predaxians be counted on to help bring down the Emperor, or is this just a lure into a trap?

In order to find new allies and resources, Dave is sent on a mission into unexplored space. Along the way, he discovers another maklan civilization that has developed the most powerful technology the universe has even known. Can they be convinced to help end the carnage and bring peace to this side of the galaxy? Dave’s friendship with Fa-a-Di, De-o-Nu and Jake Benomafolays will be put to the test to find out!

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