The Old House


Simon Carter’s world will turn upside down when he learns he is the reincarnation of his great grandfather, and about to inherit the family fortune and business. In order to fulfill the old man’s wishes, all he has to do is live in the old house for two years. It all seems too simple until he walks in the front door.

Simon and Cassandra have been together forever, finding each other in life after life. But they are not alone. There is another, seeking to kill them in each life and succeeding in many. Now their nemesis returns, but is trying to kill the wrong person. Simon must discover why this maniac is after Hannah and a way to stop the terror, or else the woman he loves will die.

The Old House is a tale of everlasting love and reincarnation. If the love in our hearts stays with us, perhaps other emotions live on as well. If someone was horribly wronged in one life, might they extract revenge in the next? The answers are all within the walls of the old house.

The idea of reincarnation and what stays with us from life to life were the driving concepts behind this story. Those factors are brought into sharp focus by a magical house which has the same ability to survive over the centuries. In this tale, young Simon is finally told about his past, and that he is supposed to be the reincarnation of his great grandfather. The old man bequeathed his home to young Simon where he must live for two years to cement his inheritance.

Even though the deceased great grandfather was one of the richest men in the world, the house is in shambles some twenty years after his death. Now Simon must tear down the shabbily built walls to discover the secrets that lie behind each section of drywall and unopened door. The old house seems to lie not only in the present, but also at the confluence of multiple pasts and futures. Great discoveries and danger lie behind each door.

Not everyone in the Carter family is pleased that Simon is about to become a billionaire. His uncles Walter and Alex are dissatisfied with their grandfather’s will. Even though both are very rich, they want more. They decide their nephew cannot be allowed to live in the old house for those two years, at any cost.

Hannah Stowe is one of the security guards at the old house, but it seems young Simon has met her before. As Simon and Hannah begin their relationship anew, events turn more sinister. In the middle of the night, she is attacked by an apparition!

An ancient evil has returned to Simon Carter’s life. The stranger has followed Simon and Cassandra from life to life, always seeking to kill one or the other, but why? Now, the evil is after Hannah, but she is not Cassandra. The mystery accelerates as Simon tries to find out why this person wants them dead before it happens again.

Join Simon and Hannah as they discover the secrets inside The Old House. They will travel through time looking for the truth about the Carter family and the murderer. Simon will have help from the ghost of his great grandfather and several other versions of himself. Simon must find a way to stop the killer and end his reign of terror so that he and Hannah can live in peace. The adventure begins as soon as you open the door and step inside.

The Old House was published on October 11, 2016. It is available in paperback and various e-book formats. The paperback version is 264 pages long. The ISBN for the paperback version is 978-1537514741. Look for it online now, and remember to Join the Adventure!