The Old House

the-old-house-1800x2700Welcome to The Old House, An Everlasting Love Story. This is the story of Simon and Cassandra, two souls destined to be together for all time. They have shared many life-times together, always drawn to the old house. Now a new Simon finds he is about to inherit the massive estate of his great-grandfather, yet another Simon Carter. The only stipulation is that he must live in the old house for two years. It seemed much too simple until he walked in the front door.

When you live many lives, it turns out that they all do not end well. Simon and Cassandra are being followed by another, who madly tries to kill them in life after life. Simon has never met his Cassandra, and yet the madman is after him still. He must discover the secrets within the old house before he and his new girlfriend are slaughtered yet again.

The Old House was published on October 11, 2016. It is available in paperback and various e-book formats. The paperback version is 264 pages long. The ISBN for the paperback version is 978-1537514741. Look for it online now, and remember to Join the Adventure!