The Hive on Story Cartel

I have decided to do an e-book giveaway of The Hive on the website On this site, authors give away copies for 20 days. By accepting the download, the readers agree to write a thoughtful and honest review on or other sites or blogs (like this one).

Obviously, the reason I am doing this is to attract more readers to my books. Different readers like different things, and I hope people who like my writing style will be introduced to my work. Since The Hive has won an award already, I thought it was the best choice to try Story Cartel out.

If you have not signed up for a free account on Story Cartel, I encourage you to do so. There are many books being given away all the time, although I’m certain you want to read mine first. Once The Hive deal is ready to start, I’ll post again and provide a link to the book page there. Thanks for your interest in my works.

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