The Essence of My Writing (So Far)

Remembrances-webIt was quite a revelation when it struck me. Subconsciously, all of my novels have the same theme. The protagonist is just an ordinary person who suddenly finds his circumstance turned totally upside-down, and is thrust into unusual situations that involve incredible danger and evil. Perhaps that is the grist of many book and movie themes, but frankly, I had not recognized the consistency of it in my works until a couple of days ago. It began with my first book, Remembrances, which is not a novel at all. That book was written to help others realize that we are all interconnected spiritually and that the events in our lives are the results of our choices. It also focused heavily on the Will of God (I use the term Tao quite a bit), which is the current in the flow of spirituality, leading us where we need to be. If we go with it, good but at times uncomfortable things will happen to us. If we resist, we will be pummeled by the force of it.

In the sci-fi series, The Dave Brewster Series, an out-of-work accountant finds himself recruited to travel into the future to help mankind expand into the stars. In each book of the series, Dave encounters new and more dangerous forces out there, and must rely on his friends and dumb luck to keep himself alive and the galaxy from destruction. That is, he is led where he needs to be and is successful because he allows himself to be led.

In the fantasy series, The Heartstone Series, a major earthquake unleashes unearthly forces on Bill Marshall’s sheep ranch. He must find the cause of the invasion and stop the bad guys before they destroy Earth or enslave everyone. Once again, a rapid series of events leads him down a path that can ultimately save his family and our planet. He learns to go with the flow of events and ultimately succeeds, although he faces overwhelming challenges.

The series I am working on now is tentatively entitled The Modern Prophet Series. To date, each book is not directly related to the others; they stand on their own. But in each, the hero begins as a normal enough person, but begins to have premonitions or new unusual powers that get the attention of good and evil forces that want to bend those talents to their own bidding. The protagonist must make many choices which could turn out very badly for him and everyone else.

So, what does all of that mean? I suppose it means I have a real need to express how each of us has great talents that we can use to help all of mankind. We may not have a fleet of starships like Dave or the ultimate power in the universe like Bill, but still we can make a difference. That must be why I write this way. I am surprised I did not notice this before. Join the Adventure!

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