The Accord– The NSA on Steroids

Imagine another world where the people lived in abject terror of imminent invasion. And the population of Skee Lotho had good reason to be paranoid. They are descendants of the Nan culture in the Society of Humanity (first seen in The Hive, Dave Brewster Series, book 3), where their race was relegated to indentured servitude to the other fifty races of man. When the Society began to immigrate to our galaxy, some Nan managed to escape and find new homes, including this planet in the Small Magellanic Cloud. Although thousands of generations have come and gone since then, the people of Skee Lotho still carry their dread of the Society in their hearts and souls.

Eventually their technology improved until they were able to develop a satellite defense system. They also developed advanced robotics and decided the best way to insure their safety was to use a human brain (voluntarily of course) as the computer to operate the satellites. Just as our own NSA saw the Internet and just had to take every advantage, the cyborgs also grew in power, their brains freed of the tiny confines of a skull. As each person sacrificed their body for a robotic one, he or she began to loose a tiny bit of what it means to be human, no longer subject to the weakness of anatomy or aging.

Fast forward many more generations and you will find The Accord, a vast society of machines controlling the Magellanic Clouds from their massive constructed planetoids. The elders of The Accord run their planetoids and host millions of younger Friends, who are eager for larger robotic forms to let their brains expand. In order to protect the Nan, the people were herded on board for safekeeping. The least those travelers could do for this protection is help the robots manage the stations, right? As the years continued to pass, The Accord changed. Confident of their superiority to their cargo, they began to enslave the workers and ultimately relegated them to hard labor. And when a person could work no more, the machines would consume them to feed their giant brains.

This is the situation that Dave Brewster must face in The Accord, Book 5 of the Dave Brewster science fiction series, coming very soon in paperback and e-book. I will do a giveaway on Goodreads and Story Cartel, as well as offering introductory pricing. Please look for it, or check out all my works on Join the Adventure!

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