The Accord is Almost Here, and a Free Offer

The Accord_Sketch3After yesterday’s rant on the QE program, let me get back to my books. Here is a sneak peek at the cover art for The Accord, Book 5 in the Dave Brewster Series of science fiction novels. I suppose it is pretty obvious that our hero has been beaten and captured by a society of robots. The Accord formed in the Small Magellanic Cloud long ago. The people there were so afraid others would come to subjugate them that they built cyborg robots controlled by human brains for planetary protection. Ultimately, as the robots grew and evolved, they became more machine than man and turned on their citizenry. Now the machines are headed into our galaxy to continue their expansion. The Accord is a tale of men overcoming incredible odds by fighting against a ruthless and overwhelming enemy. This book is my way of foretelling what can happen when governments become too strong and ultimately take away the rights (and lives) they originally sought to protect.

And now for the free part! In order to spark interest in my books, starting today through Superbowl Sunday, you can download Showdown Over Neptune, the first book in the Dave Brewster Series, for FREE on Smashwords. This novel will help you understand where the series began and hopefully make you want to read more. While it starts a little slow (as the story of Dave and Charlie unfolds), it soon becomes more like my other fast moving stories.

Depending on the interest, I plan to repeat this offer with a FREE download of Book 2, The Second Predaxian War, soon after. That was a fun book to write, and it lead me to the technology of Hives and Natural Hives, which are key to the rest of the series. Learn about maklans, valakars, and the great general Fa-a-Di. Join the Adventure! Here is the link to the Smashwords book page. BE SURE TO INPUT COUPON CODE HR35Q AT CHECKOUT TO GET IT FOR FREE.

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