The Accord– Coming soon!

I just finished rereading my new Science Fiction novel for the billionth time. The editing is complete and all we’re waiting for is cover art.

The Accord, book 5 in the Dave Brewster series, is about destiny. On a planet in the Small Magellanic Cloud, the human population lives in constant fear that their former masters in the Society of Humanity (The Hive) will return to enslave them. To provide security, they create robots capable of housing human brains. Those robotic space vehicles will guard the planet from orbit. Over the years, the cyborgs become more machine than man and subjugate the people below. Finally, they construct massive planetoids and take the humans with them, theoretically for their own safety. Eventually though, their human cargo becomes a food supply only. Now the machines are prepared to invade our galaxy in their never-ending search for food and metal.

Dave Brewster is drawn to the Clouds by his memories of Zeet of The Accord (Tears of Gallia), and travels there to understand what the robots want. He once again faces beatings and even death as he tries to stop the coming invasion.

The Accord is full of intrigue, war, terrible atrocities and incredible forces that come into play to safeguard our galaxy and lives. I hope you will Join the Adventure and check it out early this year.

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