Tears of Gallia Promotion

Tears-ebookcover (2)Now that book 5 of the Dave Brewster Series is about to come out, there will be a giveaway of book 4, Tears of Gallia, on Story Cartel soon. I’ll let you know when it goes live. With this promotion, you can download an e-book version FREE, in exchange for your thoughtful and honest review. There will  be some prizes, so download it sooner rather than later. You must read the book and write the review by the end of 4 weeks in order to qualify for the drawing. Tears is a long novel (over 400 pages in print), so if you wait until the end of the 3 week giveaway, you’ll only have 7 days to read it and write the review.

Tears of Gallia is a story of friendship, love, time travel, and intergalactic war. Our friend, Dave Brewster joins his friend, Fa-a-Di, on the Sojourn, a sacred visit to two incredible planets. There he will face death more than once, and be stranded on a mythical planet on the edge of the galaxy.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing. Please check it out. Reviews are the life-blood of new authors, and your opinions mean the world to me.

Also, please consider signing up for Story Cartel (www.storycartel.com). You can download free titles all the time, with the only obligation is to write a review. Seems fair.

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