Story Cartel Deal About to Expire

Tears of Gallia- Dave Brewster 4The giveaway of Tears of Gallia on Story Cartel ends in only eight days! Be sure and follow this link to get your e-book copy now!

Follow Dave as he travels to the Tears of Gallia, two planets sacred to the Galliceans, and learns about the troubled history of that giant alien civilization. On the small terrestrial planet, he encounters Fola Untor, the leader of the disgraced Brotherhood in the Society of Humanity, who is out for revenge. He travels into the past in order to kill Dave before he ventured into the future. As a backup plan, he strands Dave and a new friend on a mythical planet beyond the edge of the galaxy.

And if he did not have enough problems already, the Donnaki Empire has decided to expand their territory, putting all of the Free Society at risk. Not to mention a new enemy called The Accord. The novel by that name is coming soon. Imagine armies of robots controlled by a single brain which has been carved out of its host body. Tons of action and terrible danger awaits.

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