Sample Chapters from The Accord

Accord-ebookcoverThe link below will take you to the PDF of the first two chapters of Book 5 of the Dave Brewster Series, The Accord. This sets the linkage from the end of Book 4, Tears of Gallia, and highlights the threat that the cyborg civilization will be for our galaxy. There are a lot of things thrown at you in these few pages, for example, the original attack on our fleet by Zeet of The Accord during Tears of Gallia, High Priest Obu Neela of the planet Lagamar Ulu (one of Dave’s friends first mentioned in The Hive), a society of birdlike creatures known as the Bandabar Fold (also from The Hive), as well as most of the bridge crew of the starship Nightsky, which has been Dave’s home through most of the series. I hope you enjoy it and will consider the book for your library. Here is the link:



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