Reluctant Prophet Goodreads Giveaway

TheReluctantProphet-coverI have just posted a giveaway on for ten copies of my latest novel, The Reluctant Prophet: A Love Story. While this is part of the new Modern Prophets series, the heroine first made her appearance in the Dave Brewster series of science fiction novels. Even Dave Brewster and Charlie Watson (the key protagonists from that series) have cameos.

This book is very different from book one (Two Doors) even though both deal with young men who can foresee future events. While that book dealt with demons and angels fighting for control of the world, this book is more personal: one man’s voyage through life, searching for his destiny and finding love. Zeke Thompson will have to face terrible danger as others try to gain control over his knowledge. The world will spin toward global nuclear war, and only Zeke and his new love from the future can stop it. I hope you check it out. Click here to go to the giveaway page. Good luck!


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