July Microstory

Dear Friends,

I have submitted my latest microstory for the Science Fiction Readers, Writers, Collectors, and Artists group on LinkedIn. You should really check that group out and sign up if you’re interested in the genre. It’s worth it for the opportunity to read all the microstory submissions alone!

For July, the guideline was to focus on something that in the news right now. We also needed to mention summer and mosquitoes. As always, the story has to be 4,000 characters or less, which is LinkedIn’s maximum for a single posting. I’ve been reading the other stories almost every day, and it’s amazing how good they are. I am fascinated by the breadth of styles and the imagination of these authors.

My story focused on the NSA leak and micro-drones, plus I couldn’t help but put myself into it. It is attached to this post, and I hope you take the opportunity to read it and share your thoughts with me.

Here it is:  SaturnProtocol

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