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I am changing my outreach method from this blog to an e-mail list, which I am calling the Adventurer’s Club. If you like my writing and are interested in learning more about me and what’s coming next, this is the place to go. So if this picture intrigues you, the Adventurer’s Club might be for you.

First of all, I promise I will never spam you. I intend to send an update once a month or every couple of weeks at most. My e-mails will be primarily news about what I’m working on or perhaps something more personal about me. I also welcome your e-mail, questions, comments, or whatever. This group will be the first to learn when new books are available or upcoming. They will see new cover reveals first, and will be given other special benefits. As an incentive to join, you will get a FREE COPY of any of my individual e-books. All you have to do is sign up, and then send me an e-mail to specifying which book you would like and the format you need. I can send epub, mobi or PDF formats.

For clarification, mobi is the format used by Kindle devices. Virtually all the others use epub. If you don’t have an e-book reader, you can download free ones, or I can send a PDF. By individual books, I mean any other than my collections (The Dave Brewster Series, launching 7 July 2015, an upcoming Modern Prophet collection, and any anthologies in which my work is included). I hope to see you in the Adventurer’s club very soon!

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