Heartstone: Sentinels of Far Sun is now available.

Heartstone-ebookcover (2)I was not kidding when I said my new book would be out soon. My first fantasy novel is now listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Now I will focus on converting it to an e-book for you Kindle and Nook fans. I will make another post when those are finished.

From the back cover:

Although earthquakes are common in Southern California, the tremors that woke Bill Marshall from a sound sleep were different.  Hordes of unworldly monsters invade his home desperate to kill him and his family. Miraculously, Sentinel Lance Allright arrives in time to stop the attack.

The Earth Heartstone has been broken. To prevent further incursions, Bill and Lance must step through the stone and discover why these events are happening. They travel to an ancient world and face the same attackers seeking revenge against the most vile and powerful Beings in the universe. But why attack Goola and Earth?

Heartstone: Sentinels of Far Sun is a journey of discovery, which will forever change Bill Marshall’s view of life and the universe.  While unspeakable evil may wait around each corner, the power of good and the stones lies within each of us.

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