Choosing settings for books

TheAccord_frontI suppose it makes perfect sense for writers to use their own favorite places as the settings for their stories. Both Dave Brewster from the sci-fi series and Bill Marshall from the Heartstone series come from San Diego County, where I live now. Of course, in both of those genres (especially sci-fi), the odds of staying there very long are pretty low. That’s one of the many things I love about science fiction. I can create my own worlds and the Beings that inhabit them. Take the Vanda planetoid from The Accord pictured here. It is a massive constructed planet hurtling through space, populated by Vanda’s massive brain, as well as millions of other cyborgs and billions of human cargo. My cover designer, Ron Calica, has a knack for bringing those places and creatures to life. While his vision may not tie 100% with mine, I hope you can agree that his work is amazing.

The most recent books I am working on or have written bring me back to Earth, which is comforting. Two feature protagonists living in the San Diego area. Another is from Iowa (where I went to college and spent many family vacations) who moves to New York City (where my son lives) to make his fortune. I have to admit that I find that connection to things in my own experience very reassuring, like the couch I sit on while typing. My stories also feature my favorite international destinations, like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Sao Paulo and Mexico. Hopefully, these connections to real places that folks are familiar with will help them connect to my characters and stories. What do you think?

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