2122: The Perilous Fight

My new dystopian future tale continues with Book Two of the Revolution series; 2122: The Perilous Fight. This story begins the day after the end of 2121: Twilight’s Last Gleaming. The surviving residents of co-op M-125 have arrived in Southern California and pushed the cannibalistic Orenites back to their stronghold in Los Muertos (formerly known as Los Angeles).

Those farmers and their families had hoped that the carnage and fighting they endured on their way west would finally end, but that cannot happen yet. Oren Marshall, the former Secretary of Health and Human Services has come to join the cannibals out west. They have a devious plot to eliminate the settlers to the south and cement their hegemony in the West for decades to come. From there, they will go east again and rebuild their free city slaughterhouses.

It begins when Jack is kidnapped on his fifteenth birthday, but the Orenites did not do it. Our hero finds himself in Las Vegas,  the Western capital of the Arabian Caliphate. The caliph, Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz, may become a new ally in the war with the monsters in Los Muertos. To be certain, the caliph and Jack will travel into the hive of the Orenite queen. Only fearless bravery and firepower can save them now. But, even if they escape, there is one cannibal who can never forget Jack Kennedy. This time, he will risk all to get his revenge on our hero. Let us hope he survives.

2122: The Perilous Fight will launch on Amazon.com on October 31, 2017 in both Kindle and paperback. More details will come soon, and I hope you will check it out. If you read it, please let me know what you thought. Here is the link to the Amazon pageJoin the Adventure!