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Get Ready for The Old House

the-old-house-1800x2700The Old House: An Everlasting Love Story is launching in early October 2016. It is the tale of two souls who meet in life after life to share their time together. Forever, they have been Simon and Cassandra. She promised that if Simon loved her, they would be deliriously happy and prosperous.

Now a new Simon Peter Carter has been told he is the reincarnation of his great-grandfather; a man with that same name. He will inherit the family’s massive fortune if he will live in the old house for two years. It seemed much too simple until he walked in the front door. The old man has built walls within walls, hiding the secrets of the place. Simon must tear them down, and face the reality of his past.

The old house has been with Simon and Cassandra (at least parts of it) forever. The mosaic on the floor in the kitchen was from his home in Pompeii. The fountain in the backyard from his estate in the Bourgogne. But that is not all. There is another who has followed them through time, seeking to murder them over and again. The killer has returned to the old house, but is trying to murder the wrong person. Simon does not know a Cassandra, but now must stop the madness before the killer succeeds in his heinous quest.

Somehow, he must end the cycle of life and death or Simon and Hannah can never be together, but how? All of the answers are inside the old house.