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Now is the time of wizards!Whistlestop-1800x2700 Jerry Winslow is about to discover something amazing about his family. All his life, he thought he was just another human trying to take care of his family in San Diego. Suddenly, his imaginary childhood friend has returned, and is not imaginary at all. Jerry learns that he is one of the last Knights of Winterpast. Somehow, he is supposed to believe that he, his father and son must now save the forty-five realms of the universe from the unspeakable evil of the Empire of Axis. Welcome to a universe where elves, wizards, dragons, ogres and sprites are facts of life, and the Emperor of the Universe is out for total dominion. Now, Jerry must stand up to Karl August Galantine Armstrong, and turn the tide, saving the universe from ultimate evil. Is he up to the task?

Join the Adventurer’s Club now and find out. Each of us must decide whether we stand with good or evil. Every life in the universe is at risk, and our heroes must overcome overwhelming odds. Thank God that He is on their side. Whistlestop is a story of choices, and the power of those willing to choose sides. Good must conquer evil, but to do so, good must be very careful. Let us hope Jerry and his family are up to the task.