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The Accord Giveaway

Accord-ebookcoverThe Goodreads giveaway of The Accord is now over. My sincere thanks to the 522 people who requested a copy. The books for the ten lucky winners are on their way now (actually mailed Monday). For everyone else, I am planning a giveaway of the e-book version in the near future, and I will let everyone know a few days in advance.

I really appreciate honest and thoughtful reviews of my works. If you can post a review on Goodreads or any of the bookseller sites, that would be great. Reviews are how indie authors like me get discovered. You can also post reviews on this website, or send me notes, comments or questions here as well. Join the Adventure!

The Reluctant Prophet Cover Reveal

TheReluctantProphet-coverHere it is! Book two of the Modern Prophets series is about to be released and I am happy to share the new cover with you all. The Reluctant Prophet: A Love Story tells the story of Zeke Thompson and Bea Watson as they work to stay alive and stop an imminent global nuclear war.

Ezekiel Thompson is a young man with a problem. All of his life, he has had visions of things that sometimes do come to pass. Now, his accuracy rate is about to hit 100%.

For fans of my Dave Brewster sci-fi series, the name Bea Watson should ring a bell. She first appeared in Showdown Over Neptune and again in The Second Predaxian War where we learn she is Dave’s yet-unborn granddaughter who has come from the future to help him.

In this tale, she comes from the future again to make sure that Zeke and his family accomplish their intended destiny to help create the future that Bea and her family live in. Another traveler has come from the future to kill him and change the line of time in order to gain power, without regard for the consequences for Earth. Zeke will face constant danger and threats to his life in this very fast paced novel. He will be arrested and kidnapped again and again as fate works against the new lovers. Only time will tell if Zeke and Bea can stop the end of the world and find happiness in each other’s arms.

I hope you like the cover and please feel free to post any comments here. Also, look for the book, which should be coming out very soon in both paperback and e-book.  Join the Adventure!